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cover of Too Much, Too Soon?
Too Much, Too Soon?
In twenty-three hard-hitting chapters, leading educators, researchers, policy makers and parents advocate alternative ways ahead for slowing childhood, better policy-making and, above all, the 'right learning at the right time' in children's growth — learning when they are developmentally ready.
Book cover
Twelve Ways of Seeing the World
Mario Betti
Mario Betti strives to make sense of the world through different lenses framed as twelve archetypes. He draws on the research of Rudolph Steiner and his twelvefold typology of human and cosmic thought to explore and validate each world view from its own unique perspective. In this way he means to transform dogmatism and enable a deeper dialogue.
Under the Stars
Renate Long-Breipohl
Here are the author's thought provoking insights and principles derived from lifelong work in kindergarten education. They will free up educators to transform their observation of children, their practice and their self development.
front cover of Waldorf Games Handbook
Waldorf Games Handbook For The Early Years
Cory Waletzko
Kim John Payne
Valerie Baadh Garrett
This Waldorf Games Handbook for playing and singing with young children contains 142 games including finger and clapping games, beanbag and skipping games, tumbling, water and chasing games, and story and singing games.
cover of When Findus Was Little and Disappeared
When Findus was Little and Disappeared
Sven Nordqvist
Here is the story of when Findus was little and disappeared – and how he came to live with Pettson in the first place.
cover of Where on Earth is Heaven?
Where on Earth is Heaven?
Jonathan Stedall
This book is a response to the author's young son once asking, 'Where on earth is heaven?' For Jonathan Stedall, what lies behind this question has motivated his long career as a distinguished documentary director.
World Tales for Family Storytelling
Chris Smith
Children will find these ready to tell stories are short, simple, and quick to learn. They draw on traditional tales, told in the voice of a storyteller. Parents can read or tell the stories, so children can soon tell the stories themselves. Such oral storytelling builds children’s confidence in their unique voices.
Writing to Reading the Steiner Waldorf Way
Abi Allanson
Nicky Teensma
This theory and practice-based book outlines the foundations for creative literacy and teaching children how to write and read in Classes 1 and 2, or UK Years 2 and 3. It explores how Steiner/Waldorf pedagogy dovetails with mainstream primary approaches and specialist dyslexia-friendly methods.
cover of Your are Your Child's First Teacher
You are Your Child’s First Teacher
Rahima Baldwin Dancy
How slow parenting will help you discover confidence in your own ability to parent and enjoy the magical first years of raising a child.
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