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font cover of Living Literacy
Living Literacy
This book will help teachers and parents to prepare children for the transition to literacy through conversation, story, song and play, ensuring that formal reading and writing are introduced in a relevant and living way.
Making Fairy Folk
Steffi Stern
Making Fairy Folk is the latest book by Steffi Stern, with 30 magical characters to make from fairies and sprites to gnomes and wildlife. Illustrations and clear instructions throughout make the book engaging and easy to follow. Available from February 2022
Making Needle Felted Animals cover
Making Needle Felted Animals
Sophie Buckley
Steffi Stern
Making Needle Felted Animals is an essential guide for anyone interested in the popular craft of needle felting. Whether you are completely new to needle felting or an experienced felter, this book will have something to offer, whether that is precise instruction or creative inspiration.
Making Peg Dolls - Over 60 fun, creative projects for children and adults; Margaret Bloom; 9781907359774
Making Peg Dolls
Margaret Bloom
Peg dolls are small, enchanting, and easy to make. They are a perfect craft for children and can become the inspiration for endless play and storytelling. Margaret Bloom invites you to enter the tiny magical world of peg dolls ...
Making Peg Dolls & More by Margaret Bloom
Making Peg Dolls & More
Margaret Bloom
From simple peg doll necklaces, moving mobiles and fantastical flying creatures, to pin cushions, herbal dream pillows and nature gathering bags, this series of delightful craft projects will bring together and inspire all the family in the act of making as well as playing and living creatively.
Making Simple Needle Felts
Steffi Stern
Steffi Stern brings her inimitable energy and enthusiasm to her second book after the success of Making Needle Felted Animals. Here is a back-to-basics guide to making needle-felted objects.
Making Soft Dolls
Why do Waldorf dolls have few facial features? What is it about dolls that captures the imagination of children and adults around the world? This book answers these questions and highlights the power of dolls used for therapeutic purposes, recognising that soft dolls aren't just for children.
Making the Children's Year
Making the Children’s Year
Marije Rowling
Making the Children’s Year is a family resource for seasonal crafts with children. Drawing on the creative ethos of Steiner Waldorf education, this is a full-colour second edition of The Children’s Year, which has been a much-loved favourite for thirty years and which has never been out of print.
Making Waldorf Crafts
Nina Taylor
This is a recipe book to guide young people through making things on their own (with a little help or guidance from an adult, if needed) with plenty of pictures to follow and helpful rhymes for remembering.
cover of Making Waldorf Dolls
Making Waldorf Dolls
Maricristin Sealey
This comprehensive, well illustrated book will give even the most nervous beginner the confidence to produce a unique, handcrafted toy from natural materials. Once you have mastered the basic baby dolls, you can progress to a more ambitious limbed or jointed doll.
front cover of Making Woodland Crafts
Making Woodland Crafts
Patrick Harrison
This book provides the basic knowledge and skills to complete a range of both simple and more advanced craft projects, from functional structures to creative outdoor play forms. You will learn to choose and work your wood effectively, use simple tools, tie knots and develop your own designs.
Mask front cover
Mike Chase
Drawing on the Four Temperaments, Mike Chase explores the transformative and regenerative power of masks in education, the arts and therapy. Highly illustrated throughout with colour photographs and line drawings, this exciting new book explores the history of the mask, different mask-making techniques and uses, and includes extensive workshop exercises for movement, voice work, games, improvisations and general acting skills
front cover of Metamorphosis in Nature and Art
Metamorphosis in Nature and Art
Peter Elsner
This book researches the process of metamorphosis. Living forms - plants, animals, humans - are in continual transformation and growth, their development sculpted by dynamic forces. These 'open secrets' invite wonder and inquiry into the mystery of metamorphosis and form in nature. Drawing on metamorphic principles, Peter Elsner's profound yet practical research methods will help you investigate how living forms develop.
Sally Goddard Blythe
Movement, Your Child’s First Language challenges our mainstream assumptions about early development and learning with a rich distillation of perennial wisdom and cutting-edge science. In this revolutionary new book, Sally Goddard Blythe eschews politically-correct accelerationism with her refreshing focus on children’s real age-appropriate needs – as opposed to the ones that impatient adults think they should have.
cover of Muddles, Puddles and Sunshine
Muddles, Puddles and Sunshine
Diana Crossley
Practical and sensitive support for bereaved children.
cover of Muddles, Puddles and Sunshine
Muddles, Puddles and Sunshine (hardback)
Diana Crossley
Practical and sensitive support for bereaved children.
My Family and other Allergies
Julie Gritten
Available from February 2022 My Family and other Allergies includes over 130 illustrated recipes and 20 chapters covering dietary issues such as diabetes, gluten and other intolerances, veganism, IBS and additives and how to work around them to cater for everyone at your table.
James Traeger
Jenny Daisley
Liz Willis
Men's lives are changing fast in all sectors of employment and amongst those who are seeking employment. This workbook is for all men at work or seeking work: for men on their own, men in relationships and men as fathers.
cover of New Eyes for Plants
New Eyes for Plants
Axel Ewald
Margaret Colquhoun
New Eyes for Plants offers fresh ways of seeing nature on a journey through the seasons with observation and drawing exercises. Simple observation exercises interwoven with inspiring illustrations invite you "to see" with a fresh pair of eyes. This opens a door onto a new way of practising Science as an Art, using the holistic approach of Goethe.
No Shore Too Far cover image
No Shore Too Far
Jonathan Stedall
No Shore Too Far is a collection of heartfelt poems and meditations on the themes of death, bereavement and hope. Taking in a broad view of the interconnectedness of all creation and drawing on the author’s faith in the eternal essence in each one of us, the poems touch upon the whole mystery of consciousness, evolution and human experience.
No Shore Too Far (CD-Audio)
Hear Jonathan Stedall read his heartfelt poems and meditations on death, bereavement and hope.
front cover of Organisations with Soul
Organisations with Soul
How can we connect more deeply with others at work? And connect more wholeheartedly with our work tasks, so as to create mutual support, respect, meaning and growth?
cover of Our Twelve Senses
Our Twelve Senses
Albert Soesman
Sensory overload can leave us feeling empty, or even thirsting for ever more stimulation. Here is a more balanced, health-giving way of experiencing and understanding the human senses.
cover of Pancakes for Findus
Pancakes for Findus
Sven Nordqvist
It is Findus' birthday, so Farmer Pettson wants to bake a big stack of pancakes for the cat who has three birthdays a year. But how can they get the eggs when the bull is in the way?
front cover of Peace Journalism
Peace Journalism
Peace Journalism explains how most coverage of conflict unwittingly fuels further violence, and proposes workable options to give peace a chance.
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