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Festivals Together
This special book for families and teachers helps you celebrate festivals from cultures from all over the world. This resource guide for celebration introduces a selection of 26 Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh festivals. It offers a lively introduction to the wealth of different ways of life.
Cover of Festivals Family and Food
Festivals, Family and Food
Diana Carey
Judy Large
This family favourite is a unique, well loved source of stories, recipes, things to make, activities, poems, songs and festivals.
Findus and the Christmas Tomte
Sven Nordqvist
Snow is falling on Pettson’s farm, and Christmas is approaching. Findus, the talking cat, tells Pettson that he is excited about the Yule Tomte visiting and bringing gifts. Oh dear! thinks Pettson, How can I explain that the Yule Tomte may not visit cats? So Pettson resolves to build a secret Tomte, what could possibly go wrong?
cover of Findus and the Fox
Findus and the Fox
Sven Nordqvist
There's a hen-hunting fox on the loose. But farmer Pettson and his quirky cat Findus agree that foxes shouldn't be killed. They should be tricked. They come up with a fabulous plan which makes for an explosive, unforgettable night.
cover of Findus at Christmas
Findus at Christmas
Sven Nordqvist
It is the day before Christmas Eve and there is lots to do, but disaster strikes when Pettson sprains his ankle. How can Findus and Pettson celebrate Christmas now, with no tree, ham, meatballs or gingerbread?
cover of Findus goes Camping
Findus Goes Camping
Sven Nordqvist
One day, Findus finds a tent in the attic. Pettson starts imagining how it will be going camping by the lake, catching fish and grilling them over the fire as the sun sets. This is not exactly how things turn out, though, as Findus, Pettson and the hens try hiking and camping – in the garden.
Findus Goes Fishing; Sven Nordqvist; 9781907359729
Findus Goes Fishing
Sven Nordqvist
‘I’m in a bad mood and I want to be left alone,’ says Pettson. Findus the cat stares at him. He’s never seen the old farmer so grumpy. I must cheer him up, he thinks. Somehow.
Findus Moves Out front cover
Findus Moves Out
Sven Nordqvist
Every day at four o'clock in the morning, Findus likes to jump up and down on his bed. He wakes Pettson, who tells him to stop. Because cats really need their early morning exercise, Findus decides to find a house of his own where he can jump and bounce when he likes. But jumping on beds is one thing – living without Pettson is quite another...
cover of Findus Eats Meatballs
Findus Plants Meatballs
Sven Nordqvist
Farmer Pettson begins to sow his vegetables and because Findus does't like vegetables he decides to plant one of his meatballs instead. However, keeping the vegetable garden safe from the farm animals proves a hard task for Findus and Pettson.
Cover - Findus rules the Roost
Findus Rules the Roost
Sven Nordqvist
The chickens are Findus' best friends, second only to Pettson. But one day, Pettson brings home a rooster. What happens next?
Findus, Food and Fun
Findus, Food and Fun
Eva-Lena Larsson
Kennert Danielsson
Findus, Food and Fun is for mums, dads, grandparents, teachers, childminders, aunts, uncles and anyone who knows a young child who is curious about the world. Together with Findus, Pettson and the muckles, you can discover things to do for every season; pottering, collecting, fixing, crafting, building, exploring, baking. Sometimes outdoors, sometimes indoors, here is a whole year's worth of ideas.
Form Drawing and Colouring cover
Form Drawing and Colouring
Angela Lord
Creative form drawing is a fascinating and meaningful artistic activity for health and wellbeing. It engages the right side of the brain through the flow of colour, form and movement. Form Drawing and Colouring: for Fun, Healing and Wellbeing offers space for personal creativity, with stunning colourful forms to stimulate originality. It aims be both calming and enlivening, and is a valuable aid to harmonising body and soul.
cover of Free to Learn: Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Care and EducationChil
Free to Learn
Lynn Oldfield
Lynne Oldfield, Director of the London Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training Course, draws on kindergarten experience from around the world, with stories, helpful insights, lively observations and vivid pictures. The approach of Steiner Waldorf kindergartens and childcare centres is that children's early learning is profound, that childhood matters and that the early years should be enjoyed, not rushed through
Free Equal and Mutual
Free, Equal and Mutual
A centenary anthology that draws on Rudolf Steiner's vision for a free, equal and mutual society, a threefold commonwealth. Twenty cutting edge articles by 13 contributors show how the social threefold social order offers practical alternatives to the prevailing neo-liberal social order.
cover of Gardening for Life: The Biodynamic Way by Maria Thun
Gardening for Life
Maria Thun
Biodynamic techniques recognise that plant life is intimately bound up with the life of the soil; that the soil itself is alive and that the degree of vitality influences the health of the crops. You will soon be able to grow quality produce which possesses vitality and has the highest flavour, through the nurture of the soil.
cover of Goodye Mr Muffin by Ulf Nilsson
Goodbye Mr Muffin
Ulf Nilsson
This picture book is for ages three and up. It tells the touching story about the death of a much-loved pet. Growing old, death rites, the question of the afterlife, all handled with warmth and gentle humour.
Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour
Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour
Susan Perrow
Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour brings together the fruits of Susan Perrow's work in storymaking. It is richly illustrated with lively anecdotes drawn from parents and teachers who have discovered how the power of story can help resolve a range of common childhood behaviours and situations such as separation anxiety, bullying, sibling rivalry, nightmares and grieving.
Healing Storytelling
Nancy Mellon
Nancy Mellon explores the secrets of what makes a good story and how to become a confident storyteller from scratch.
History Through Stories - Teaching Primary History Through Stories; Chris Smith, Adam Guillain & Nanette Noonan; 9781907359774
History Through Stories
Adam Guillain
Chris Smith Phd
Nanette Noonan
History Through Stories: Teaching Primary History with Storytelling is designed to engage young learners with history. It is brimming with historical stories about significant individuals - from Rosa Parks and Tim Berners Lee to Boudicca and Henry VIII - as well as original stories in historical settings, all written specifically for classroom use. Each story comes with engaging and inclusive ways to link it to history teaching, English literacy skills and other areas. Guaranteed to fire the imagination!
In Place of the Self - How Drugs Work; Ron Dunselman; 9781903458266
In Place of the Self
Ron Dunselman
Ron Dunselman sheds important light on addiction, so that both individuals and professionals can make more informed choices. Drawing on extensive research with drug users and his rehabilitation work as a psychologist, he offers remarkable insights.
cover of Jumping Mouse
Jumping Mouse
Brian Patten
This hero quest has enchanted generations of children since first publication in 1972.
Keeping up with Findus
Sven Nordqvist
Findus the talking cat challenges Pettson to join him as he runs, jumps and clambers around the farm. Pettson tries to keep up, with comical results. However, there is one thing that he is very good at!
front cover of Life Forces - Formative Forces
Life Forces – Formative Forces
Dorian Schmidt
Dorian Schmidt describes a series of practical exercises that can help us extend our ability to perceive the nature of living things. He gives a clear account of the methodology underlying this work, and describes several findings illustrative of observations in the realm of living forces.
font cover of Living Literacy
Living Literacy
This book will help teachers and parents to prepare children for the transition to literacy through conversation, story, song and play, ensuring that formal reading and writing are introduced in a relevant and living way.
Making Needle Felted Animals cover
Making Needle Felted Animals
Sophie Buckley
Steffi Stern
Making Needle Felted Animals is an essential guide for anyone interested in the popular craft of needle felting. Whether you are completely new to needle felting or an experienced felter, this book will have something to offer, whether that is precise instruction or creative inspiration.
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