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‘Both a practical guide and an eloquent manifesto.’ —David Wiles, Professor of Drama, University of Exeter

This is a new book for practitioners in mask drama. Richly illustrated with beautiful photography and line drawings, it expresses the power of masks for education, therapy and drama. As well as detailed instructions on how to make different masks, Mike Chase shares extensive workshop exercises for movement, voice work, games, improvisations and general acting skills. He also explores the four temperaments: the Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic and Melancholic.

We are asking for your help to turn this book into reality. By ordering copies for yourselves, your friends and colleagues you will directly support the first printing and make the whole project possible.

From today until 1 May you can order the book and get free postage to the UK and reduced postage to the rest of the world.[1] And if you order three or more, you will receive one free copy. Because we want you to share it.

The first 25 people who order will also receive one free ticket to An Evening of Mask; a lecture, demonstration and workshop with Mike Chase celebrating the book. [2]

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ISBN: 978-1-907359-66-8; paperback; 176pp; 228x176mm. More info

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Mike Chase

Mike Chase has taught and directed physical theatre, mime and mask at drama colleges and universities for over thirty years. Masks from his studio are used by the RSC, the National Theatre, LAMDA, Trestle Theatre, the Welsh National Opera, and Told by an Idiot, to name a few.

[1] Save approximately 25% off normal international postage.

[2] An Evening of Mask event will be held evening of 27 May, at Lansdown Hall and Gallery, Stroud (UK). One free ticket each will be available to the first 25 who are able to attend. We’ll be in touch to confirm.

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