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Findus at Christmas


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It is the day before Christmas Eve and there is lots to do, but disaster strikes when Pettson sprains his ankle. How can Findus and Pettson celebrate Christmas now, with no tree, ham, meatballs or gingerbread? For all their resourcefulness, they are close to giving up, when suddenly there is a knock on the door….

A wonderful tale of kindness and sharing, about how Christmas can bring out the best in people – and cats, naturally!

“This story is my sort of Christmas story: what really matters about this season, is not the tree, is not the rushing around like crazy trying to do too many things, but rather simply generosity, kindness and community.

The ‘message’ shines through in a gentle but powerful way because the book is packed with humour, both verbal and pictorial. The capers Pettson and Findus get up to, from surfing over the wet floor of the kitchen, to choosing unusual Christmas presents for each other will get you giggling, whilst the affection that is so strong between the farmer and his feline friend will make you feel like hugging those near and dear to you. A pretty good way to start Christmas, don’t you think?” —Playing by the Book

Findus wraps Pettson's Christmas present

Findus at Christmas was originally published as Pettson får julbesök by Opal bokförlag

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Sven Nordqvist




full colour line drawings throughout



28 pages


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