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Creative Place-Based Environmental Education

Children and Schools as Ecopreneurs for Change

Jorunn Barane, Aksel Hugo, Morten Clemetsen


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“This book is an essential practical guide to anyone wishing to free education from its meaningless role as a political and social tool, and to think about what kind of educational experience we will need for the uncertain future facing young people today.” -Roger Duncan, Systemic Family Psychotherapist and author.

How can schools become creative hubs for enriching the community, for caring for nature, the landscape and place? This book presents the why, what and how of creative place-based education as action researched successfully by educators for over 20 years in Aurland, Sognafjord Norway, and with the Life Science University nationally. This hands on approach embraces the whole locality as an inspiring educational resource, a “school without walls”. Design tools for developing place based educational curricula are made globally relevant, with case studies from Britain, Norway and Tanzania.

Teachers from kindergarten to high school, teacher trainers, environmental educators and forest school educators will find this an invaluable resource.

The authors

Jorun Barane is a nature pedagogue and storyteller, and teaches Ecopreneurship at Sogn School of Organic Agriculture and Horticulture, Aurland.

Aksel Hugo PhD. is head teacher at Sogn School of Organic Agriculture and Horticulture.

Morten Clemetsen PhD. is professor of landscape planning at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

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Aksel Hugo, Jorunn Barane, Morten Clemetsen




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