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Making Waldorf Dolls

Creative doll-making with children


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“It is a beautiful thing,” says Maricristin Sealey, “to craft a doll with your own hands, sew it together with love, then make a gift of it to your child with the words, ‘I made this for you!'”

This comprehensive, well illustrated book will give even the most nervous beginner the confidence to produce a unique, handcrafted toy from natural materials. Once you have mastered the basic baby dolls, you can progress to a more ambitious limbed or jointed doll.

Here are:

  • Ten designs including soft, baggy, pouch, angel, sack and limbed dolls
  • Instructions for knitted, sewn and embroidered hairstyles
  • Lots of patterns for dolls’ clothes and accessories
  • Help with tools, techniques and materials
  • Ideas for recycling clothing for dollmaking
  • Where to get materials.

This new edition of Making Waldorf Dolls is published with a completely revised resource list.

Maricristin Sealey is a professional doll maker, who has many years’ experience of teaching children and adults how to make dolls. Her dolls draw on a rich variety of traditions.

“A very easy to follow and nicely illustrated book, there are lots of patterns for many different Steiner style dolls. There are patterns for clothes, carrycots, hair ideas and saris, plus African dresses for African dolls.. It’s a really good book for picking out the bits you like to make, to make your own personal doll that would make a very special gift for a child. These are dolls to really fire the child”s imagination …” —Education Otherwise

“Maricristin’s book is a fine source for the beginner doll maker. It is a valuable primer, full of practical tips, simple designs and clear, easy to follow instructions.” —Sara McDonald, Magic Cabin Dolls

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