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Where is My Sister?


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How do you keep up with a sister who keeps disappearing all the time? She says the world is so big, there are so many fantastic new things to see; over the hills more hills, forests and towns … and then suddenly, she’s gone! But little brother might know where she is. He knows her best. And if you like you can help him. Search through the landscapes of her dreams, in places you’ve never seen nor imagined before …

In this magnificent picture book, printed in a special, extra-large format, Sven Nordqvist invites you on a balloon journey through a fabulous fantasy world. Hidden on each richly illustrated spread is the sister. Can you find her? A work of art for children and grown-ups – with stunning pictures, poetic text, and sly art-historical references.

For age four and upwards.

“Where is my Sister? is one of those books that can be ranked among the classics on its first day of publication.” —Dagens Nyheter, Stockholm

“And this time he really blows open the imagination: moose on sofas, friars and aristocratic giants, armoured rhinos and knights mounted on snails, a surreal panopticon where Alice meets Escher.” —Die Zeit

Where is My Sister? erases the boundary between children and adults. Adults will find great pleasure in following Nordqvist’s play with different artistic styles, artists and works of children’s literature; knowing glances are cast to Magritte as well as Lewis Carroll and Elsa Beskow. Children can enjoy the paradisiacal sweetness and subtle humor, or be scared silly by the giant dogs and their gaping, nasty-looking jaws” —Svenska Dagbladet

Where is My Sister won Sweden’s August Prize for Best Children and Young Adult Literature in 2008.

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