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Confronting Conflict

A first-aid kit for handling conflict


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Conflict costs! When tensions and differences are ignored they grow into conflicts, injuring relationships and organisations. So, how can we confront conflict successfully?

Dr Friedrich Glasl has worked with conflict resolution in companies, schools and communities for over 30 years, earning him and his techniques enormous respect. Confronting Conflict is authoritative and up to date, containing new examples, exercises, theory and techniques.

You can start by assessing the symptoms and causes of conflict, and ask, ‘Am I fanning the flames?’ And then consider, ‘How can I behave constructively rather than attack or avoid others?’

Here are tools to:

  • Analyse the conflict symptoms;
  • Identify the types, causes of conflict, and if it is hot or cold
  • See how personal chemistry, structures or environment influence the conflict;
  • Understand how temperaments affect conflicts and what you can do
  • Acknowledge when you have a conflict, understand conflict escalation, how to lessen conflict through changing behaviour, attitudes and perceptions
  • Practice developing considerate confrontation, seizing golden moments, strengthening empathy and much, much more

Confronting Conflict will be useful for managers, facilitators, management lecturers and professionals such as teachers and community workers, mediators and workers in dispute resolution.

Dr Friedrich Glasl is an authority on conflict. His PhD was on conflict prevention and peace building. He worked for the Dutch NPI for Organisational Development from 1967, and has lectured in conflict at Salzburg University since 1985. He has written many books, including Enterprise of the Future.

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