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Job Opportunities at Hawthorn Press

We currently have two openings at Hawthorn Press; these are for a MARKETING AND PUBLICITY ADMINISTRATOR and also for a FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATOR. Please scroll down for details of both jobs, including key tasks, person specification, and how to apply.



Purpose: To administer Hawthorn Press’ book marketing.

Aims: To increase book and sales from developing the Hawthorn marketing and information function, both making the most of traditional ‘analogue’ marketing as well as social media and ‘digital’, web based  marketing opportunities, and to act on them accordingly.

Later : With Publisher and Administrator, to produce and/or edit new title information for sales team and distributors in their required format including book supporting information such as Advance Information Forms, cover blurbs, Press Releases , website content, and postcards.

Start: End of June ideal.

Key tasks

  1. Liaise with Publisher to produce a marketing plan for each title in consultation with each author when book commissioned and revise this 6 months before publication.
  2. Advise the Publisher on commissioning opportunities and customer needs at the early commissioning phase of a new book.
  3. Edit Advance Information sheets, and write Press Releases based on the finalised Advance Information sheets.
  4. Depending on the book, liaise with Publisher to finalise Feature Press Release and or News Press Release for selected titles.
  5. Send Press Release and publicity information with supporting email/letter to relevant magazines, blogs, websites,  journals, national and local newspapers, national and local radio, TV and press agencies as per Marketing and Review Plan.
  6. Identify and follow up opportunities for publicising books on the internet, blogs and website.
  7. On receipt of articles, features and reviews, copy and distribute to the Publisher, author and sales manager, and website if appropriate.
  8. Provide text and images to websites, blogs, catalogues and magazines for publicity purposes and for advertisements.
  9. Oversee overall online marketing strategy including:
  • Manage the front-facing aspect of the Website; adding new product pages, book reviews, promotional information (for technical aspects liaise with website manager).
  • Manage Hawthorn Press’ online presence – twitter, pinterest, and Mailchimp newsletter.
  • Advise authors on how to help with epublicity strategies, for example; sharing things with Hawthorn Press, sharing other Hawthorn Press authors, sending us reviews of their titles, building their own online presence.

Essential Experience and Skills

  • Excellent communication skills (oral, written).
  • Copy writing and editing skills.
  • Good organisational and time management skills.
  • Good keyboard skills.
  • Fully conversant with Microsoft Word.
  • Competent with internet, email, links, wordpress-based websites, twitter, Mailchimp.

Desirable Experience and Skills

  • Previous publishing and editing experience.
  • Previous marketing and promotion experience.
  • Editing and/or writing websites, blogs, Press Releases, book cover blurbs, Advance Information Forms
  • Copy writing.
  • Up to date on author promotion.

Person Specification

  • Careful worker with attention to detail.
  • Good at multi-tasking and prioritising own workload.
  • Interest in Hawthorn’s subject areas (Steiner education and philosophy, crafts, seasonal celebrations).
  • Flexible, enthusiastic, self motivated.
  • Work well as part of a small team.
  • Sense of humour and patience!

Working Conditions

  • Computer
  • Free lance/self employed becoming employed if agreed
  • Flexible hours
  • 9-12 hours per week or as agreed
  • Training when needed
  • £8-12 per hour depending on experience

Apply with cover letter and CV to Martin Large (publisher)





The post is responsible for all aspects of the financial administration, book keeping  and financial controls for Hawthorn Press Limited.  This  includes managing the Sage Line 50 accounting system, all bookkeeping duties and requirements, sales administration, VAT Returns, payroll management, book project budgets, credit control, book royalties, cash flow management and accounts to trial balance.

Financial Administration

  • To liaise with Claire and check budgets for new book proposals and to monitor actual expenditure against budgets on new projects;
  • To advise on the financial feasibility of new projects;
  • To prepare and monitor cash flow forecasts;
  • To reconcile bank accounts;
  • To control debtors and creditors;
  • To prepare regular reports on the cash and profit positions of the business to allow for effective planning;
  • To manage and report on the monthly BookSource figures;
  • To manage the quarterly Springboard figures;
  • To manage all annual royalty distribution as per Agreements for all current titles.
  • Foreign Rights M of A and HMRC Tax regulations, produce invoice and chase payment
  • Yearly Business insurance

Financial Administration

(1) Suppliers

  • Enter Invoices into Sage ensuring correct codings for Sage expenditure accounts;
  • Set up New Account in Sage for any new Supplier;
  • Draw cheques for settling Suppliers accounts, get cheques signed and dispatched by due dates.

(2) Petty Cash

  • Post monthly summary spreadsheet to Sage prepared by Claire;
  • Draw cash cheque and collect cash to top up as required.

(3) Customers

  • Prepare invoices for any credit sales of books from Hawthorn House;
  • Reconcile payments against invoices issued;
  • Prepare invoices for tenants of Hawthorn House to cover,
  • agreed monthly rent
  • quarterly service charges;
  • Enter all invoices and payments into Sage;
  • Check, reconcile and analyse monthly book sales by BookSource;
  • Check and reconcile monthly charges from BookSource;
  • Enter BookSource sales and charges into Sage;
  • Prepare monthly charges for Springboard Account;
  • Prepare quarterly figures for Springboard Account;
  • Agree quarterly distribution from Springboard Account, prepare documents to submit including covering letter and VAT invoice on Management Charges deducted;
  • Make all relevant entries into Sage;

(4) Bank Accounts

  • Enter all bank expenditure and income into Sage;
  • Prepare monthly spreadsheet analysing Visa Card expenditure and post to Bank in Sage;
  • Reconcile monthly with Bank Statements;
  • Agree month-end balances and outstanding cheques.

(5) VAT

  • Check quarterly figures from Sage;
  • Ensure all qualifying expenditure and income for quarter is posted into Sage;
  • Agree final amounts for quarterly VAT Return;
  • Complete and submit quarterly figures to HMRC by due date.
  • Reconcile totals in Sage control accounts.

(6) Payroll

  • Collect time sheets for employed staff (currently 3);
  • Prepare personal deduction sheet(s);
  • Prepare monthly Payroll Summary spreadsheet;
  • Prepare cheque(s) for signing and distribution;
  • Post monthly amounts into Sage;
  • Prepare monthly cheque to HMRC for PAYE/NI deductions;
  • Prepare annual P35 Employers Declaration reconciled to monthly amounts paid to HMRC

(7) Royalty Distribution – Springboard

  • Prepare figures for quarterly Springboard Account to include,

(a) Sales of Springboard Workbook worldwide for quarter;

(b) Sales of Navigator Workbook for quarter,

(c) Management Charges based on sales.

  • Prepare quarterly summary to calculate overall financial position;
  • Calculate Navigator Royalty
  • Agree Royalty release for quarter; and submit figures to Springboard Consultancy including VAT invoice for Management Charges;
  • Settle invoice from Springboard Consultancy upon receipt for agreed share of Royalty for quarter.

(8) Royalty Distribution – Annual

  • Prepare spreadsheet of sales of all titles for calendar year to 31st. December;
  • Check out all payments received for foreign rights and any other subsidiary rights for all titles;
  • Prepare spreadsheet of all Royalty entitlements based on sales for the year to include foreign/subsidiary rights;
  • Prepare all cheques for signature and dispatch to authors;
  • Prepare for Bank all requests for Foreign Drafts where appropriate;
  • Send all Foreign Drafts to authors or agents as appropriate.

(9) Sage Accounting System

  • Pull periodic Reports from Sage – Trial Balance/Profit & Loss & Balance Sheet;
  • Annually for Year End Accounts prepare a schedule of Debtors & Creditors;
  • Annually for Year-End Accounts prepare a Stock Report and Stock Valuation.

(10) Sales Administration

  • Administer Amazon Advantage account and submissions
  • Carry out other sales administration tasks as agreed with Administrator and Publisher

(11) Administration Back Up

  • Support Administrator with back up as and when e.g. cover for holiday and sick leave
  • Backup all computers on an external backup device.


  • Own desk, computer, internet
  • Normally work flexibly Monday , Tuesdays, Wednesdays am 12-14 hours per week.
  • Self employed –choice to become employed after probation phase
  • Monthly review for three months then six monthly
  • £15 per hour, to be reviewed after 6 months
  • Work and development related training as needed

Please apply with letter and CV to Martin Large (publisher) at 

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